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Carpet or upholstery cleaning is not something that a single individual can do, and if that person does it, he will not be able to get a 100% satisfactory ratio out of it. Whether it’s a bedroom carpet, heirloom oriental or area rug, carpets are like the heart of décor in a house; they have the beauty, the glamour, and the royal look to improve the aura of the house or any living place. Our goal at Carpet Cleaning Pros, of St Petersburg, FL, is to not only remove all the stains, but the allergens and the airborne bacteria as well that are strongly affecting the indoor air quality of your home. Our professional carpet cleaning team makes it their priority to leave you with a home with a more magnificent health environment and carpets that look and feel just like new.

Carpet allergens and bacteria are pretty harmful, especially if you have toddlers running around and playing on carpets all day long. If you get the slightest idea that your carpets are throwing dirt up in the air, get professional help, and be done with it completely. We are here to make your cleaning life much more relaxed and affordable.

Our stain removal company uses unique state of the art techniques and equipment to perform a great success rate, leaving your areas stain, germ, dirt, and bacteria-free, just like a computer with a good antivirus. Not only that, but our carpet shampooing will also definitely do the trick which most companies are unable to do. This is a result of the use of premium products and experience both combined.
What We Provide
Our process extends towards three main steps to overcome dirt and sand living deep inside the carpet’s threads! The process starts with a pre-spraying or pre-soak to soften any deeply set in stains. Powerful machines then come into play to perform scrubbing and shampooing to free dirt and debris from deep down. After completing the processes mentioned above, we have powerful vacuums that are best to remove all the moisture and drying systems.

Rugs are like the queens in household charm and look. But they get that dirty, muddy texture pretty quickly over time. Our experts know the drill and are ready to help you out with even the toughest of stain removal.  Nowadays, most companies claiming to be professional carpet cleaning firms don’t fit the one general feature, which is reliability. In most cases, the dirt has made a strong impression and doesn’t go away until one is ready to get professional help. Our rug cleaners have been working on these situations for quite a lot of time and are prepared to jump in with our bacteria removal tactics from your rugs and carpets. Professional rug cleaning requires a system of expertise, accurately tended to provide top quality results, which we deliver.

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