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Today, “Gray Man” is shown in several countries in cinemas (this is the only way it has a chance to be nominated for Oscars), and in a week it will be available on Netflix. The film tells the story of one of the best CIA agents, Court Gentry (aka Sierra Six). Playing this role, Ryan Gosling discovers irregularities in the agency, for which he ends up in prison. When the opportunity arises, he runs away, and then – with the help of his former boss Donald Fitzroy (Billy Bob Thornton) – tries to clear himself of the charges. Lest it be easy, the pursuit of the main character is set off by Donald Fitzroy (Chris Evans) and agent Dani Miranda (Ana de Armas). It promisesto be an interesting sensation, which has a chance again, just like after the films “Drive” and “La La Land”, to lift Gosling to the top of popularity.

On the set of the film, Agent Gentry was accompanied by a three-handed Carrera. The same one that Fake TAG Heuer showed at the end of 2021 (we wrote about it HERE), on the occasion of establishing closer cooperation with Gosling. The choice fell on a variant with three hands and a silver dial decorated with sunburst. The watch is simple, legible and powered by the Caliber 5 movement, which is closed in a 39 mm steel case, combined with a steel bracelet (in some scenes there is a version on the strap). There is nothing else but to see how Carrera got out of numerous oppressions and coped with difficult situations on the wrist of a CIA agent.

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