Tile and Grout Services

Tile and Grout

The nature of grout cleaning can only be done entirely through professional help, why? Because it is built with a porous material and collects dirt, eventually leaving the surface to be without shine and cause discoloring and even mold.  Your regular mopping is not doing the job for you? Well, we are here to help you out. Tile and grout cleaning is a tricky job if you do not know what tools and equipment are required for an optimal outcome. Your daily struggles are making your day harder because cleaning tile floors by hand is total hard work, and who wants more hard work in their day?
Old tile and grout cleaning will never be satisfied when done through regular mopping procedures. What you need is something that will cut off the barriers of never reaching the hidden dirt and even mold which usually lies deep within the grout lines.

Caulk Repair
Caulk is like a sealant and necessary to keep your homes minor beauty in intricate ways. If you suspect any unsealed caulk area, contact us, and we will make your day by providing you with great results and suggestions that will surely come in handy for your home repair.

Stone Cleaning
Is your marble getting some rusty patches? Or are you having trouble getting that unwanted wax off of your marble or stone surfaces? Try us out and give us your problem! Our professional team has built up an excellent reputation in stone cleaning surfaces because our work is both: Cost-effective and reliable. We know your struggle of cleaning natural stone floors and counters. Still, if you leave them for some days as it is, they become extraordinarily stained and discolored because they are porous material and need proper technique to get the best results in restoring their finish. These natural stones consist of many different materials that need to be tended separately. Our Stone Cleaning Team is qualified with the best experience for such things and needs only some time alone with the dirtiest stones, marbles, granite, and travertine.

Here is what you can use to ease your daily cleaning routine to a minor level. We are going to talk about something like a sheet that repels almost any substance or object that can cause the stone or grout to give a dirty look. With our sealant formula, your problems go away with just a snap. After we are done with the application process, your floors, carpets and oriental rugs will be completely safe of unwanted dirt that goes straight into the depths and pore lines of your stone tiles or marbles. Do you know that you should restore your surfaces before applying any sealant? We highly recommend you to do so. This is because once you have applied the sealant, it will become like a protective glass cover, creating a barrier for new debris and build up to occur and leaves your surface restored back like new.

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